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Godrej Kitchen
Godrej Interio offers modular steel kitchens that are tailor made for the Indian style of cooking. With a variety of materials and accessories to choose from these designs offer style and convenience, thus making your cooking experience hassle-free and fun
The body is made of galvanized steel which implies protection against exposure to oil and water. Its durable in moist kitchen environments. The kitchens have galvanized steel framework with epoxy polyester powder coating. There is no breeding of pests. These Kitchens are Termite-proof. High precision due to steel and factory finish. Ease of maintenance. These kitchens are functional and sturdy. These kitchens come with a 15 year warranty. Godrej Interio kitchens are Ergonomic and safe. These kitchens are made of innovative hardware for effortless and noiseless operation. Unique and interesting layouts are possible. Sensor integrated lights for better visibility. Option for seamless integration of appliances.

Heart Of Steel : -

Strength to survive a lifetime
Godrej Interio Modular Kicthens are made from premium galvanised steel which is further given a special surface treatment making it extremely durable and almost rust proof. Accessories are made from high grade stainless steel with Nickel Chromium plating which makes it strong and maintains the shine for a very long time. All our kitchens have German Hinges with CED (Cathode Electro Deposition) coating.

APPLIANCE & PERIPHERALS ZONE: Stores all the major and minor appliances including refrigerator, microwave

Excellent Ergonomics : -

Where everything is designed to care for your health
Keeping in mind the Anthropometric Data regarding the average height of an Indian Women and her working habits, keen attention has been paid to the height of the work platform and placement of the units. All this is done with a view to guarantee her a comfortable working posture and hence, less fatigue.

COOKING ZONE: Consists of primary appliances like cooking hob, chimney and utensils.

Everything Falls Into Place : -

A place for everything and everything in its place
Godrej Kitchen Units have been specially designed to provide specific storage space for all Kitchen wares. The placement of these units in the Kitchen is also planned according to their utility and frequency of use. The entire Kitchen is designed keeping the Indian style of cooking in mind.

DISPLAY ZONE: Place to keep display items like planters & vases to enhance kitchen ambience.

Superb Aesthetics : -

A thing of beauty is joy forever
Shutters are available in membrane-pressed wooden / laminated marine ply and post-formed steel look. The colours in steel shutters are specifically chosen to ensure a bright yet soft look that visually gives depth, vastness and creates a cheerful mood in the kitchen. The shades and patterns of the wooden shutters have been carefully thought to give it contemporary styling. Cornices and pelmets further add beauty and give the kitchen a complete look.

CONSUMABLE STORAGE ZONE: Stores all food items right from cereals & grains to ready-to-eat packets.

Use It As You Like It : -

Flexibility that truly. defines modularity The Godrej Interio Kitchen, with its unit based format, allows you to modify it to your requirement. Thus you get a high level of flexibility and efficient space utilisation. This makes it the ideal choice for kitchens of all sizes and layouts.

CLEANING ZONE: Consists of the sink, utensil cleaning equipment and disposal/ garbage units.

It's All Too Easy : -

A clean working environment makes everything better
the entire Kitchen is made in steel with options of laminated wood or steel shutters. The material has been thoughtfully selected keeping in mind the ease in cleaning and maintenance. A Polyvinyl Chloride skirting is provided to avoid dust and water from entering below the units and hence mopping of the floor can be done conveniently. Even cleaning of the floor beneath the units is made possible as the skirting is easily removable. This ensures a clean and pleasant work environment.

PREPARATION ZONE: Stores various kitchen tools and food items that are required for food preparation.

Advantages of Steel Kitchen : -

  • 1. Protection against exposure to oil and water
  • 2. Termite Proof
  • 3. Easy maintenance
  • 4. Galvanised steel framework with epoxy polyester powder coating
  • 5. 15 year warranty*
  • 6. Durable in moist kitchen environments
  • 7. High precision due to steel & factory finish

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